an old cometbus poster

$20 Superpack: Ride the Wohl Whip (Cometbus)

by Aaron Cometbus and Super Pack!

Featuring a pile of issues of the classic Cometbus zine. Includes the long out-of-print, now unearthed contributor issue #49 as well as #52 (punk family story The Spirit of St Louis), #54 (In China with Green Day), #55 (on friendship and Pen Pals), #56 (an introduction to the wild and weird world of NYC booksellers), and #57 (a trip around the New York comics world), this superpack will get you pumped about the work of Mr. Aaron Cometbus! For more than 30 years, Aaron has been publishing zines that get into your mind and change the way you see the world. When you crack that cover, you never know quite what to expect from him, whether it's a contributor issue, a topic cut down to its basic tenets and revealed for all to see, stories of talking to old friends, a trip to Cleveland, broken bones, or bizarre, self-destructive competitions on cross country tours with one of his many bands or those he accompanies as a roadie. Aaron tells it all, he knows how to write, and you love to read it. Even when it's not what you thought you wanted, it's great.