Coffee Spoons

Coffee Spoons

by Megan Kirby

Coffee Spoons falls into the cute personal comic category pretty squarely. Megan shares her adult attempts to care for a Giga Pet, and the time she accidentally spilled spoiled milk in her building's trash chute. She explains her life history through her shoes, and gets a tattoo which her parents actually like. Megan's zine is about her life at college, coffee and cardigans. It's adorable without being overly precious, which makes it a really enjoyable personal zine. We're looking forward to her future efforts. 



She's completely relatable.


I highly recommend this zine, based out of little Elmhurst College in Chicagoland for anyone who is currently a 20-something college student, who wants to remember being a 20-something college student or who has sent a child off to college. Very funny and sweet and true and the illustrations are wonderful.