Life and Times of Butch Dykes Issue 2, Vol 1: JD Samson, The

The Life and Times of Butch Dykes Issue 2, Vol 1: JD Samson

by B&D Press Author and Eloisa Aquino Author

The Life and Times of Butch Dykes is B&D Press' series of fanzines about the lives and times of amazing women who could be considered icons against heteronormativity, in their very personal and unique ways. They're from different places/spaces and yet have as a common ground the fact that they're all accomplished creators, in work and life. They were and are brave people who tried to be authentic and faithful to what they perceived as their true identity.
This is the very definition of a fanzine, a zine made by a fan of a rock star! JD Samson is known as the boyish singer, DJ and keyboardist of the bands Le Tigre and MEN. She's also known for her 'tude and upfrontness in defense of a world where art and music can play a role against prejudices of all sorts. And her mustache rules! This zine tell us her story since childhood and shows some of her artistic/political accomplishments.