Where is the Rock Show? by Kris Rothstein

Where is the Rock Show?

by Kris Rothstein

Often times the coolest titles we get are the surprises. We've distributed Kris Rothstein's published work for over ten years but reading this book, it's like meeting a new friend. Hand-drawn and lettered, (book is limited to 50 hand bound copies) Kristein details her pursuits of and conversations about bad ass and hip music. She goes to Seattle to see Ty Segall (who other Microcosm staff vouch for being totally awesome). A friend explains to her that punk "was just a way for ugly people to pretend they're cool" (they argue this point). She details sites of former cool venues and their demise in classy hand-drawn diagrams. Overall, it's an extremely charming memorial and appropriately-limited testament to the exclusive and elusive nature of rock n roll.