Crawl! First Issue zine cover

Crawl! #1

by Reverend Dak

As the good Rev Dak says, "It was crazy how much we played during those [early] years, and even crazier how much time we spent (re)interpreteing the rules, imagining new characters, creating new magic weapons, and drafting out the domains of our (cheating) high level heroes." And now those wealth of hand-written "supplements" are available for strangers to incorporate into their campaigns. This rad DIY series of resources and adventure modules for homemade role playing games tweaks the classic and familiar AD&D rules to what they call “Dungeon Crawl Classics” for homespun fun. This issue features a campaign setting, new house rules on "bleeding out," new added rules to expand upon difficulty checks, and a mage character profile of Van den Danderclanden, with powers passed from Nyarlathotep! After a background of playing AD&D for the last 25 years, in every single group of people I played with we talked about making zines like these but we never did. That’s what makes this stuff so special. They did it. If you can write adventure models as good as the pros, why not share them with strangers?