Crawl 5 monsters cover

Crawl! #5: Monsters!

by Reverend Dak Author

Issue #5 of this rad DIY set of resources and adventure modules for Dungeon Crawl Classic homemade role playing games (a variation of AD&D rules) focuses on monsters! There's added house rules to make monsters more dynamic opponents, into more creative and effective spellcasters, to be more than flash-in-the-pan combat encounters, a thorough and descriptive portrait of the Orc and arrangement of the Orc as a character class, a quick monster stat generator, a similar treatment to flesh out and give historical perspective on goblins beyond a five minute character encounter, "quickie" wandering monster tables, the carniverous fungus "fung-eye," the primordial stonecrawler, the vampiric blood hound, and the hairless, white, and subterranean gloom hound. After a background of playing AD&D for the last 25 years, in every single group of people I played with we talked about making zines like these but we never did. They did it. If you can write interesting supplements  as good as the pros, why not share them with strangers?