Crawl #6 zine cover

Crawl! #6: Classic Class Collection

by Reverend Dak

This series of rad DIY RPG resources tweaking the familiar AD&D rules to create Dungeon Crawl Classics continues with an examination on and expansion of character classes. Starting with the bard who "brightens up a room," curious, magical, and playful Gnomes and their illusory magic, the elite guardian of their deity's flock and temple, the Paladin (sometimes thought of his stuck-up and rigidly-boring characters, this supplement is a bit more imaginative), the tough wilderness warrior of moral code to protect the balance of nature, the Ranger, and some cool, adaptive add-on rules for thieves. As always, this zine is an imaginative add-on to make your games more fun, interesting, and creative. Other than equipment (Rev Dak: hint hint), classes were always the most interesting and inventive part of gaming for me and so this was a welcome and thoughtful supplement.