Fluke 11 zine cover

Fluke #11

by Matthew Thompson Author

Co-founded 22 years ago by Little Rocker Jason White of such notable rocknroll operations as Monsula, Pinhead Gunpowder, and now Green Day, the newest issue of this little slice-o-heaven cuts open with Ed Crawford who trucked out to Pedro after D. Boon passed with his newly-purchased guitar and offered to join Mike Watt and George Hurley to form fiRehose. Next up is an ode to pawing through Ben Sizemore's record crates and falling in love with hardcore, an interview with Negative Approach, an intensive cover story/interview with BuZblur, who you may be familiar with his trainyard scrawl from the epic documentary Who is Bozo Texino?, who draws out his connections to punk icons and culture. Next up is an article in tribute to the new Keith Morris-fronted grandpa-punk supergroup OFF! and then some crashlanding crescendos with The Bad Years interview, a Barker Gee interview, and a twisted comic to end it all. Epic.