Crawl #7 tips tricks traps zine cover

Crawl! #7: Tips! Tricks! Traps!

by Reverend Dak

This series of rad DIY RPG resources tweaking the familiar AD&D rules to create Dungeon Crawl Classics continues with a GM's best friend: New ways to make characters' lives difficult. Starting with the exercise of making mazes sort of a time consumer rather than navigating each twist and turn, followed up by "Rogue-like" fountains with mysterious results on characters both great and terrible, a proper re-thinking of the Ogre as more than a large human with extra hit dice. Next up is a new table of critical traps and criticals for more interesting and imaginative gameplay. This issue is rounded out nicely by a meandering article about the endless question of whether player characters should have practical game skills or might be more interesting as the townsfolk that might never have gone adventuring in the first place and a little biography of the magical Shadowsword of Ith-Narmant. As always, this zine is an imaginative add-on to make your games more fun, interesting, and creative. Other than equipment (Rev Dak: hint hint), classes were always the most interesting and inventive part of gaming for me and so this was a welcome and thoughtful supplement.