Wholly Shit: Church Reviews from a Serious Punk #1

Wholly Shit: Church Reviews from a Serious Punk #1

Like many, our narrator was not born punk. He was however, raised Christian til he was 16. Now at 25, after being forced to attend Catholic church every sunday, the resentment subsided and was replaced by a hole—that he returned with a vengeance.

Each week he goes to church with some friends, takes notes, and writes a review of that particular church. He says that he doesn't care what people believe; that's it's not really their actions that affect those around them the most. Lacking an opinion about metaphysical perspectives, our protagonist attempts to take a role as an observer, perhaps in a way that was never intended in this environment. Somewhere between a hostile agnostic or an angry sceptic, he attempts to report on the material end results and social aspects.



I loved this zine. The primitive styling, roughcut pages, and typesetting that I would rant about for two paragraphs in an Amazon review are perfect for this brilliant, insightful little bundle of church take-downs. Never needlessly cruel, the nevertheless cut-to-the-bone appraisals are smart and funny with no bullshit whatsoever.

Having been a lifelong christian, and until recently a catholic by choice, I found these authors' opinions to be totally relate-able and almost too generous. Also I feel kind of stupid for not figuring it out until I was a lot older than these girls.

Hope #2 is coming soon. I'll buy this series as long as it runs.