What World and Whose Dream zine cover

What World and Whose Dream?

by Sadie Sigford Author

 "Women's experiences aren't documented, especially not women's or trans experiences with bicycles. That's part of the reason I thought it was important to make this zine ... however small, it's a piece of history, and is important to bike culture." Sadie Sigford goes on to provide a list of questions that she asked herself in assembling this zine, a timeline history of bicycling and women, women's bike races, personal stories, the first world-record-setting African American athlete Major Taylor, ratios of women to men riders by county with some analysis and how to change that, bicycling in Africa, getting hit by a car, a DIY messenger bag pattern, why to have space for women and transgender people in bike shops, bike touring, and cars and feminism. 

What World & Whose Dream is a truly comprehensive look at the role that women play in the culture and world of bicycling. And everyone can learn from and appreciate that.