Golden Legacy Volume 5: The Life of Matthew Henson

Golden Legacy Volume 5: The Life of Matthew Henson

by John Bacchus

This 1969 comic book tells the story of Matthew Hansen, the first Black person to explore the Arctic. 

Here's the series description from the publisher. These comix are incredible!

Golden Legacy is a classic collection of 16 inspirational volumes. Each volume contains 32 colorful pages and is a fully illustrated, biographical account of many significant achievements of Black men and women.

It is a widely endorsed new approach to the study of history that utilizes the appeal of the comic book format. Golden Legacy is fast, has impact and also communicates visually which increases reader comprehension and enjoyment. This high interest level series motivates fast and slow readers to read voluntarily!

In addition to its educational value, Golden Legacy performs a valuable emotional and social function. It helps create an atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect between groups. It creates pride and self-esteem while replacing myths with an appreciation for the contributions of others.