Barefoot & In the Kitchen: Vegan Recipes For You

Barefoot & In the Kitchen: Vegan Recipes For You

by Ashley Rowe

This heavily illustrated vegan cookbook is packed with delicious recipes and entertaining essays. Not at all an exclusive affair, Barefoot and in the Kitchen works with ingredients available to folks everywhere—not just those with access to fancy health food stores. Make a basic white sauce, your own seitan, mac'n'cheese, cornbread, and cookies. Folks who have been vegan for awhile will love variations like stuffed shells, dirty rice, and "Cinnamon Buns of Doom." For Ashley resistance is tasty and once you try out these recipes your resistance will taste good too!


The Vegetarian 12/17/2012

"a bit of humour and individuality while offering great recipes throughout. [...] straightforward and unpretentious. For the price this is a great resource"

Steven House, The Vegetarian

Broken Pencil 11/26/2012

"she makes vegan food seem tasty and appealing as well as socially conscious."

-Colin Brush, Broken Pencil Magazine

Hanging Like A Hex 10/22/2012

"killer hollandaise sauce for [your] tofu Benedict!"

Razorcake 9/26/2012

The recipe for Mac and Cheese with a cashew sauce...was delicious, like pretty much everything in this vegan cookbook! And I'm not vegan.This will prove to be a handy resource for anybody interested in new, interesting recipes.

Mr. Fakie - Vegan Skate Blog 8/29/2012

"it's a good one. Super easy to follow recipes use ingredients that you can find at any grocery."

The Midwest Book Review 8/15/2012

"What is really great about "Barefoot and in the Kitchen" is not only the easy and delicious recipes for homemade vegan foods, but also the encouraging notes of introduction to each recipe as well as the overall positive, empowering attitude of the delightfully witty author"

Regular Wiglar 7/26/2012

An easy-to-follow cookbook that seeks to demystify veganism and make it more palatable to the public. Mission accomplished.

Nate Powell 8/26/2011

Barefoot And In The Kitchen is as approachable as it is thorough: up front about reinforcing kitchen fundamentals, unafraid of refreshing twists on staple dishes, and on the lookout for variety, contrast, and invention. This is the cookbook I wish I’d had for a decade of weeknight dinners when I feared I’d exhausted all my options.