Make It Last: Sustainably + Affordably Preserving What We Love

Make It Last: Sustainably + Affordably Preserving What We Love

by Raleigh Briggs

Make It Last: Prolonging and Preserving What We Love bridges the gap between life in a disposable culture and the basic skills needed to save money and live more sustainably. This book teaches you how to extend the lives of the things you love by repairing clothing, preserving home-grown food, and even repairing your kitchen sink. Raleigh Briggs takes her longtime commitment to community building through the DIY movement and shares her valuable experience with the reader through a conversational tone in her hand drawn and illustrated guide.

The Utne Reader described Raleigh's work as “A forceful antidote to the cheapening of thrift culture: a meticulously hand-lettered, pint-size volume. When you raise your fist against the values that derailed our economy, lift this book in it.” Now you can save money and save the planet while saving your prized possessions! 


Ink19 9/24/2013

"this woman knows what she's doing."

Rose Petralia - Ink 19

Maximum Rocknroll 5/24/2013

Raleigh's tone throughout is as if she is sharing her experience with a peer: never assuming you aren't ready to roll your sleeves up and try it right then and there with no hesitation...the basic tone is inclusive and appealing. It has the feel of a letter; the painstaking handwriting and sweet illustrations drew me in...Appropriate for people who maybe haven't been exposed to DIY before.

The Midwest Book Review 12/7/2012

""Make It Last" is full of practical advice for do it yourselfers and much recommended reading."

Paul T. Vogel, Midwest Book Review

Don't Eat the Paste 11/28/2012

"A lot of information, clearly presented, it's another favorite. "

-Shala Kerrigan, Don't Eat the Paste