Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules

Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules

by Sarah Mirk

Modern life calls for modern relationship advice. Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules is a love and dating guidebook that gleans real-life knowledge from smart people in a variety of nontraditional relationships. Instead of telling people how to snag a man and find “true love,” the book sums up what dozens of diverse folks have learned the hard way over time—life advice from people making open relationships work to people who’ve decided they’re never going to have kids—that is helpful to anyone, in any type of relationship. This is an essential, fun, insightful resource whose time has come.



Portland Mercury thu 8/21 4:00pm

"It's not some antiquated, Dr. Phil, Men are from Mars, Women are from the Kitchen garbage—Sex from Scratch illustrates working models of couples and families with gentle guidelines for getting exactly what you want."

Bri Pruett - Portland Mercury

Largehearted Boy thu 8/7 11:13am

"fresh, non-traditional, feminist, sex-positive take on the relationship guidebook. With a cast of stellar contributors on the roster"

-Largehearted Boy / Drawn & Quarterly

BoingBoing mon 8/4 3:53pm

"Sex from Scratch is a map of the territory and a set of potential paths to take for people who find themselves figuring out what they want from relationships with another or multiple other people when they don't subscribe to the strictures of religion or vague societal values of what's 'right.'"

Glenn Fleishman - BoingBoing

Truth-Out mon 8/4 3:07pm

"realistic, smart and helpful. Its wisdom will be of great benefit to teenagers and young adults who are trying to figure out dating, sexual attraction and, well, sexuality itself. Of course, conservatives and the religious right will go ballistic if schools hand out copies, but if educators really want an informed student body, they will confront the backlash and make Sex from Scratch an integral part of the sex ed curriculum."

Eleanor J Bader -