Pin #127: Chainring Heart

Pin #127: Chainring Heart

by Joe Biel, Aaron Renier and alex wrekk



nea 10/22/2006

I think you should be proud that your symbol has developed such deeper meaning for people. Its a beautiful thing that it IS becoming a symbol for peace - or a symbol for love of biking. Your tattoo is unique because of it being an initial powerful catalyst for others. That's pretty cool.

molly 11/5/2005

If it has personal significance to you, why'd you make it into buttons, patches, etc? Just a thought. It's a kickass design though.

alex wrekk 8/10/2004

this image is also a simplified version of the wedding tattoo that aaron ranier designed for joe and i in 2002. it represents our love of bicycles and bicycle culture. we have choosen to share it as our logo for microcosm because it represents us, our lifestyle and our values.t we would appreciate if you would not get this design as a tattoo because it has personal significance to us


Personal doesn't necessarily mean private. We did not anticipate anywhere near the kind of reaction it would have. Sure, it was a poor judgment call that it caught on so much and there are now at least a dozen other people with tattoos of the image, but really is that a lot to ask?
Microcosm is an extension of us. If something is personally powerful, often times this is where it ends up. Now people are equating it to the peace symbol. I mean, we really had no idea...we just thought a few people might appreciate it.