the frugal vegan's harvest & holiday survival guide by Lisa Van den Boomen

The Frugal Vegan's Harvest & Holiday Survival Guide

by Lisa Van den Boomen

A gigantic cookbook from Montreal spilling over with exciting recipes for people without a lot of cash to thrown down. Recipes for food, non-food, and even gift ideas! Some articles have also been thrown in to help you through those winter months when you`re cold and broke! Get some tea, light up the fireplace, and start perusing the tasty treats in this informative zine!


avatar MelodySayWhat 9/3/2011

I was INCREDIBLY surprised by the amount of information in this zine! Definitely something for everyone. Food, drink, gifts, perfume, stuff for pets.... The list goes on and on!

simonJester 12/29/2007

I really liked this one! Filled with all sorts of useful info.