slave to the needle 3 by a j

Slave to the Needles #3

by A J

Did you say that you love knitting? Well, we just found the zine for you! Aimee is clearly very attached to her hobby and instead of giving you the play-by-play steps of what she does or an introductory manual - she gives you a cultural forum to read about other people (some might say obsessed) with sewing, knitting, and crafting! Interviews in this issue include Magnetic Fields, Cadallaca, Fugazi, Ida, Tracy and the Plastics, Rock and Roll Kittens, Butchies, Mirah, Jawbox, Tortoise, and much much more! Did you know there was at least a passing hobby in each of these cases? There are also patterns, comics about knitting, and some how-to articles but the primary focus seems best set for those already well interested in sewing or knitting!