Railroad Semantics #4

Railroad Semantics #4

by Aaron Dactyl

In Railroad Semantics, seasoned train-hopper Aaron takes you along on an epic train journey through desolate stretches of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. He identifies the groups of fellow travelers that are poseurs, drinks under overpasses, and suffers a major injury alone in the desert. There are plenty of photos of sweeping vistas, and railroad graffiti, and a selection of rail-related articles. This issue is thick as usual, and packed with information about tramp life.


avatar ellyblue mon 8/24 11:00am

"Freight trains were a huge part of my life for ten years. I painted them, studied them, benched them and got excited every time I found a new set of tracks to explore. I never rode a train or honestly had the desire. But every time I come across someone who has good stories I sit mesmerized, listening. Railroad Semantics finds those stories and presents them in a page-turning manner. Making books like this is a labor of love and the creator really has outdone himself."