Hot Pantz: Do It Yourself Gynecology

Hot Pantz: Do It Yourself Gynecology

by Isabelle Gauthier and Lisa Vinebaum

This crucial guide to women's health gets older but not less useful. It features a well organized resource with a clear index of health problems along with remedies. Also contains a glossary of herbs and their properties. A very handy resource to share with a friend in need.



Bitch Magazine tue 2/4 7:37pm

Hot Pantz provides readers with an understanding of anatomy, recipes to conquer yeast infections and hormonal imbalances, an extensive glossary of self-healing herbs, a list of aphrodisiacs, and it provides instructions on how to give foot massages that will alleviate cramps! I can’t tell you how often I consult this zine, or how excited I’ve been to share information from this zine with a friend in need.

avatar ideoplastic 5/23/2011

This is brilliant, detailed, effective. Purchase multiple copies because you will give all yours away.

Active Distribution 1/17/2011

"Hot Pantz, the DIY gynecology zine that’s been on the bookshelf of every savvy riot wiccan and herbal grrrl since it was first published in 1994. If there was one object I’d like to place lovingly in the hands of every woman I meet, it’s this guide to, as the authors put it, “knowing more about your cunt than your doctor does”. With herbal recipes for everything from treating STIs to brewing aphrodesiacs, it’s a well-researched, clearly-written, non-condescending booklet that has helped me, at least, feel like my “area” isn’t a foreign country that I have to learn a whole new language to visit.

Elizabeth 3/17/2007

One of the most useful zines I have purchased. Well worth the 3 bucks!

anonymous 11/8/2005

I can't say much about inflamed cervix but I used the "how to bring on your period" from Hot Pantz and it REALLY worked (this is the parsley juice and vit c thing). But it sounds like doc time for you sister!

Jill 7/12/2005

is there another resource for do it yourself or a homeopathic method of gynocology, or others who have copies of hot pantz who would like to share the knowledge?
apparently i have an inflamed cervix, dont even know what that means and havnt blead for close to a year now, somethings happening with my body, been eating tons of parsley to bring on the bleeding and.... nothing.
any help, pointers, directions?