A small thomas paine drags a large feather pen across a red surface.

Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word

by Edwin Fotheringham Author and Sarah Jane Marsh Author

The "American Dream" can feel like a fantasy sometimes, but it's nice to read the story of someone who was able to work hard and make themselves an important asset of history. Thomas Paine, who was destined to be a corset-maker like his father, turned his own life around through work and some good luck. Written by Sarah Jane Marsh, a former American Revolution teacher, this book spans Paine's life from childhood, to writing Common Sense, which lit the fire under the butts of the colonies to spur their independence, to the end of his life. Along with words, there are some cool illustrations as well! Learn about one of our founding father who shaped the world in one of the best ways possible: publishing a book.