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6-Month BFF Subscription: Every Title We Publish!

by Super Pack! Author and Various Author

Do you love what Microcosm publishes?

Do you want us to publish more books that empower readers to change your lives and worlds?

Would you like to receive each new title as it's published?

Subscribe as a BFF to our new titles and we'll send you at least ten new titles that we publish over the course of six months! 

The 6-month subscription is on a sliding scale, pay-what-you-can-afford fee with postage included. In addition to reading, we try to include any other material that we make. Also, include your t-shirt size for a surprise!

If you live outside the U.S., we've got to charge a bit extra for shipping, and we'll send you one package every two months to make it work. And to save shipping costs, we'll send three packages (one every other month, instead of one every month)

See all our subscription options here.

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The shipping is charged when you sign up for each six month period and then we only deduct your monthly donation when we ship each month's package. Thanks for your support!


Does the shipping get charged each month after paying the lump sum when you first sign up? (I'm fine with this, just want to make sure I have enough money in my account at the right times!) Looking forward to signing up!


Hello! Yes, we ship to everywhere in the world. And pretty soon we may need to figure out how to ship to Mars. But in the meantime, shipping to Australia is no problem. The website will calculate how much it costs to ship your six packages to wherever you live.


i am thinking about a bff subscription and i live in australia... do you ship to australia ? thanx


I too wish I could pay more. I also wish I had just been doing THIS for the past 3 years! Not doing it was dumb of me. Can't freaking wait for my first order to arrive!!!!!!


Thanks, Sunlion. That's really sweet of you to say. Good luck on the job front. It's tough all around, isn't it? Sending positive vibes your way. Love, -Adam, Microcosm


I wish I could pay more because I love you guys but unfortunately I am still underemployed. It's better than being unemployed (I did that for 2 years, couldn't find a job that paid as much as my unemployment check, talk about irony) but I don't feel very secure at this big corporate call center job and I do still have to look out for myself. Hope all is well for you guys!