a photo of a crowded street in Chinatown, New York City

$25 Superpack: Tales of New York City

by Greg Farrell Author, Ayun Halliday Author, Ben Nadler Author, Super Pack! Author and Lisa Wilde Author

These books and zines are all about different facets of life, work, and culture in New York City. Yo, Miss is Lisa Wilde's graphic novel about teaching in a second chance high school in New York. Greg Farrell's On the Books vividly tells the story of a labor dispute at NYC's iconic Strand Bookstore. And Ben Nadler's zine Punk in NYC's Lower East Side, 1981-1991 paints a picture of a time, place, people, and sound that's hard to forget once you've read it. Finally, you'll get Ayun Halliday's Zinester's Guide to New York City, a travel guidebook that you can use to find your way around the quirky, DIY sides of NY without spending a ton of dough, or just sit and read like a memoir of big city life, it's that good.