Sticker #092A Profile for Mass Shootings? How About White Suburban Male.

by Joe Biel

There's so much political resistance and debate around guns. While gun violence has been on tremendous decline for over ...

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Sticker #391Peace Love Equality

When it comes to condiments, how hard to you bring it?   Sure, you probably have the first level (ketchup, earth ...

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Krampus Sticker Collection

by Monte Beauchamp

105 Krampus stickers for trouble-makers of any age! Perfect vintage designs and several shapes perfect for laptops, ...

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Sticker #393this machine reduces traffic

 Speak out about your reduced footprint!

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Sticker #392this machine kills traffic

 Oh bicycle, slayer of traffic!

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Sticker #390Make America Bike Again

 Our campaign slogan. #MABA

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Sticker #389Awetastic Autistic

 A vinyl sticker to show your autism pride!

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Sticker #313Coexist

by Joe Biel

Why can't get we all just get along...on the roadway? A modern adaptation on this peacenik sentiment.

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Sticker #386my doctor says I'm depressed...

...I say that I have a bicycle.

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Sticker #384my doctor says I'm autistic...

 "...I say that I have a bicycle." 

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Sticker #383Feminist Chainring Fist

 Put your feminism and bicycle love together in one solid statement.

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Sticker #379Talk about ideas, not people

A key part of the recipe for success in life.

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Sticker #275Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed People Can Change the World

"Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful, Committed People Can Change The World," wrote anthropologist Margaret ...

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Sticker #370If you rented here you'd be homeless now

by Joe Biel

Priced out of your own neighborhood by quadrupling-plus rents? At least you can leave this tag behind.

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Sticker #378life goal: when your name appears, "local activist" is next to it

Any publicity is good publicity, but the best publicity is publicity for the good. 

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Sticker #377may use full lane. Get over it.

Bikes may use the full lane... just about everywhere. We're trying to get where we want to go in one piece, just like ...

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Sticker #376this machine kills fascists

 For your guitar, your bicycle, or whatever revolutionary apparatus you prefer.

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