an image of anarchists in action from the documentary born in flames

$20 Superpack: Anarchy in the USA

by Sascha Altman DuBrul Author, Joe Biel Author, Erica Dawn Lyle Author and Super Pack! Author

A collection of books and zines for anarchists and the anarcho-curious.

First, a couple zines: Anarchists on Anarchism compiles key quotes from famous anarchists from around the world, and is a good resource to help you understand what this thing is all about. Bicycle Culture Rising #3 is a concise history of a few successes and the ultimate downfall of an anarchist movement in Portland, Oregon—Critical Mass.

You'll also get these weighty books about the lives of people who have used anarchist principals and actions to change their own lives and worlds. Beyond the Music collects interviews with inspiring punks who haven't waited for authorities or laws to dictate their world-changing behavior. Maps to the Other Side is a freewheeling, intentional journey through madness and environmental movements. And Scam shows you how to squat, scrounge, scam, bike ride, train hop, generator show, and otherwise lawlessly enjoy your way through life.