Body Positivity superpack

$20 Superpack: Body Positivity Power Pack

by Elly Blue Author, Crystal Hartman Author, Cristy C. Road Author, April Streeter Author, Super Pack! Author and Robert Wildwood Author

Bodies! We've got to have them, but we don't have to hate them. Kick body shame out the door with the aid of this powerful pack of books and zines that are all about figuring out how awesome you are, as you are. Our Bodies, Our Bikes contains a number of feminist essays, tips, and reporting about living in accord with your body in motion, including essays about learning to appreciate + take care of various parts of you, eating disorders, and all-around generally loving life + yourself by bike. Alive with Vigor compiles essays about all things body + mind, from body image to gender identity to the many kinds of things bodies can do, for better or worse, and the way we figure out how to live with those realities. Fat is Beautiful is a jam-packed zine-form introduction to the fat acceptance movement! And finally, Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick compiles Cristy Road's drawings of real people of all shapes + colors + forms out in the world building their messy lives with all the heart they can muster.

And we'll throw in a couple of stickers: You look very nice today and Fat and Proud ought to cover all the bases.