$20 Superpack of Enjoyable Distractions

$20 Superpack of Enjoyable Distractions

by Elly Blue Author, Kate Lopresti Author, Erica Dawn Lyle Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Meadow Shadowhawk Author, Washo Shadowhawk Author, Super Pack! Author and Various Author

Sometimes you want to know everything that's going on around you, your brain whirring like a machine, soaking it all in.

Other times you want to work through your stuff, figure life out, become a better person.

And sometimes, let's face it, you just really need a distraction, something pain-free to do with your brain. Here's a selection of books that you can enjoy thoroughly without having to stray too far from what's important to you in life.

  • Amica's World is a delightful story, told in photos, of a family that rescues a giant, flightless bird and raises him in their living room. It's all true and it's pretty wonderful to spend an hour paging through this little book
  • The second volume of Bikes in Space stories takes your mind away to feminist, pedal-powered exploits in distant galaxies and not-so-distant futures
  • The Constant Rider Omnibus is a volume of diary-like snippets about bus commuting. Kate's perspective is diverting and cozy
  • In Search of the Lost Taste is an adventure cookbook! You can just read the story, or you can cook your way through it, or you can skip to the end and discover the ultimate recipe!
  • Scam is such a funny, weird, and cool book. Hours of entertaining and educational tales of getting the good life for nothing, and then some
  • Zine Yearbook is a compendium of selections from a huge range of different kinds of zines for your endless browsing pleasure

Warning, you may come out of your distracted zone inspired and ready to do stuff. But don't blame us. Enjoy your distractions!

P.S. This is a seriously good deal.