Sticker #180: Typewriter

Sticker #180Typewriter

by Cristy Road


helen 3/10/2008


Seb 12/20/2006

I love this picture.
My friend Tim has a typewriter just like this one and I'm going to take a picture of it front on and amke a stencil ready to put whatever I want to say at the time of spraying on the paper comming out.

Sarah 4/4/2006

I really want this as a tattoo.

Megan 10/24/2005

Hehehe Cristy's a funny girl. Love the work, keep it up!

c. road 8/12/2005

cause its a drawing, not real life, duh.

anonymous 8/5/2005

Not to be a smartass, but why is there handwriting coming out of a typewriter?

Emily 5/2/2005