two vintage photos of women holding their midsections

$20 Superpack: PMS Care Package

by Isabelle Gauthier Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Cristy C. Road Author, Emily June Street Author and Super Pack! Author

Feeling crampy? Irritable? Exhausted? Like your uterus is trying to reach up and throttle you with your own fallopian tubes? Maybe also a boost of creativity tempered by a complete inability to get shit done, be social, or move? Yup, we get periods too. And we've chosen some books to see you through this time of the month.

First order of business: Comfort food, provided by Joshua Ploeg in his awesomely creem-cheezy book In Search of the Lost Taste. This isn't just a cookbook, it's an adventure story of an adorably gruff tomato-headed explorer on a quest for the ultimate recipe.

Next up: Art by someone who totally gets it. Cristy Road's Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick is beyond empathetic to the premenstrual state of mind.

Still need something more? How about escaping into a fantasy novel for a while? One of the reviewers likened the experience of reading Emily June Street's The Velocipede Races to eating gobs of something really, really delicious. We'd like to share this cake with you.

And finally, in case some practical, targeted assistance is more in order, Hot Pants is your guide to gynecological herbal remedies. Make yourself some medicinal tea, take some deep breaths, rinse, repeat. You've got this.