Early Life Crisis Survival Pack

$20 Superpack: Quarter Life Crisis Survival Pack

by Joe Biel Author, John Gerken Author, Ben Holtzman Author, Shaun Slifer Author, Super Pack! Author, Robert Wildwood Author and Bec Young Author

We know that times can be tough. Crises don't always wait til you're 40. Graduating from high school or college, trying to escape your hometown, finding that "real" job, getting out of a bad situation, or sometimes just figuring out which way is up can be pretty difficult before you hit 30...or even 20. So we've brought you the Early Life Crisis Survival Pack. It comes with Alive with Vigor, because that's often the first thing you need. I Hate This Part of Texas #5 includes some choice moments of being caught dressed in drag by one of your students—and handling it as a teaching moment. Beyond the Music and Firebrands and Indestructible both teach how others have aged gracefully and sometimes started out as pretty damn inspiring. While Sick is about physical illness, it's not only a precautionary tale. It's also a powerful metaphor for learning from others and the power of literature. And the Support zine is a powerful tool for battling your own demons... and/or being there for the people around you who are having a hard time with theirs. We know that crises often make you broke so this is less than half price. Cuz we're cool like that. And we're here to help!