Beginner's Guide to Responsible Sexuality (for Men) zine cover

The Three Worst Words You Could Say To a Boy are 'Be a Man': The #MeToo Guide to Raising Boys (formerly Beginner's Guide to Responsible Sexuality)

by Various Author

A brief look at a number of important questions facing heterosexual men who don't want to go along with sexist ideas about how to have sexual relationships. Why should women be the only ones thinking about this?



    I bought this for my boyfriend after we exchanged virginities but never actually passed it on. Not because of any perceived male bashing, mind you. It just made a lot of obvious points. Maybe this is a better resource for teenage/high school boys. An expanded edition would be very useful!


    Overall a good zine, but I sometimes felt like there was a large amount of inherent male guilt instilled in it. Rather than battling irresponsible sexuality on all fronts, it unfortunately strayed from time to time to implied male bashing created by males.


    i think i might have to send my ex a copy


    I have nothing but respect for men working to confront male privledge, and am thrilled about the direction this zine points in. Just wished it was longer, i found it a bit sound-bit-ey and short on content. Consider this a request for an expanded edition.