two gender variant people with a clump of sex toys in the middle

Sex Without Roles: Transcending Gender

by Eli Sachse Author

How much of your sex life is informed by gender norms that you may not even be conscious of? Eli Sachse's zine is all about learning to explore your sexuality in a healthier way, with great boundaries and consent, whether by yourself, with strangers, or with trusted others. This zine is a thoughtful friend with good. advice, helpful phrases ("No, thank you," is a favorite), and a nonjudgmental perspective of having been there and done all those things. The zine is especially written for people who are exploring their gender identity or beginning to transition, and is also valuable reading for anyone who wants to be a better sexual partner to themselves and others.

Comments & Reviews


"covers a range of topics related to the trans community, including sex, flirting and dating, consent, long-term relationships, and sex with changing body parts."


... a lot of good information included regarding self-exploration, consent, knowing what you want, and other things that are bigger-picture important when thinking about exploring gender and sex and desire.