An orange zine with a picture of a puppy hugging a kitty and it is very cute

Relationshipping: Love Differently, Because Rules are for Games

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS and ACN

Are you in a relationship? Used to be? Want to be? This little zine is your antidote to typical dating and relationship rules. Most of the "rules" are all about tricking or manipulating someone into dating you, and then keeping them guessing... not to mention trying to fit yourself into an unrealistic mold of feminine beauty or masculine machoness. Whatever. Dr. Faith cuts through the crap with some sharp guidelines on how to be a human being in an adult, loving, mutual relationship. It's constant work, but at the same time it's the simplest thing you can do. It starts with not tricking, cheating, or hating the other person or yourself, and moves on to chocolate cake.