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Unfuck Your Anger: Using Science to Understand Frustration, Rage, and Forgiveness

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN Author

If you've ever been so pissed off that you did things that you regretted, or ruined your own day and some other people's too, this book is for you. Or if you feel angry every single day and it's affecting your health and sleep and love of life. Or if you've got very good reasons to be mad as hell, and you aren't going to take it anymore. Or if you've repressed your anger all your life and now it's all coming out at once. Microcosm Publishing bestseller Dr Faith explains here what the hell is going on in your brain and how to retrain yourself to deal with enraging situations more productively and without torpedoing your relationships. This is Your Brain on Anger gives you a heady dose of neuroscience and cultural explanation of what anger is and what it does to you, and then gives you a handy four-step checklist to help you deal with maddening situations after (or before) the fact, guidance on getting over things, and a chapter on forgiveness. Your brain actually knows what it's doing, and anger can be a good thing sometimes—just not if it's ruining your life.

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This zine was expanded to become a chapter in Dr. Faith's book Unfuck Your Brain; and in 2019 it'll be expanded even more to become a book in its own right.

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Comments & Reviews


Dr. Faith Harper has done it again. Using the foulest of language, Faith has written a book that explains anger, gives you tools to turn down the volume on anger AND presents it in a way where you can actually read the whole f*cking book (because it isn’t boring, constipated and dry like most academic tomes). If you think you might be irritable, or if your wife says you are irritable, do yourself a big ass favor, buy this book, read it, put the tools in it into practice. You can thank me later - when you are happier, more connected and less f*cking irritable!


"This zine hopes it can aid you in your quest for inner peace.
As for me...down here in the streets...anger keeps me warm like an electric blanket."


I took the Anger book to Sunday School in response to a friend's question. The class liked it so well several people asked to go through Anxiety the next week. We made Dr Faith's books a study series!

I like how she combines real neuroscience with practical advice anyone can understand. She doesn't say it will be easy, but she makes things simple.