A movie still from Call Me Crazy showing a woman sitting on an unmade bed hugging her knees

$25 Superpack: Depression First Aid Kit

by Sascha Altman DuBrul Author, Elly Blue Author, Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Anika Ledlow Author, Super Pack! Author and Set Sytes Author

Hello, depression: an old friend we're never happy to see come around again. If you're in the depths or splashing around on its margins, or if you're close to someone who is, these books and zines have helped some of us, and hopefully they can help you, too.

  • Surviving is a zine by Dr. Faith Harper about getting through it when life is piling it higher and deeper.
  • How Not to Kill Yourself is Set Sytes's brilliant and often quite funny manifesto on depression and guide to surviving it and finding a way to thrive and live a purposeful life.
  • Maps to the Other Side is Sascha Altman DuBrul's account of life, adventures, community building, and self-advocacy with bipolar depression
  • Cycletherapy shares a dozen people's stories about using bicycling as a way to recover from grief, depression, and other tough life events
  • And last but not least, Dr. Faith's Unfuck Your Brain Workbook offers a range of exercises you can do in your journey of getting-bettering.

Good luck. And if you want, drop us a line and let us know how it goes.