three zines on a green background

$14 Superpack: Cats, Swords, and Werewolves!

by Brandon Lehmann Author and Super Pack! Author

From cat poop to magic swords, Brandon Lehmann's short, hilarious comics also serve as cautionary tales with deep insights into the human (or werewolf) experience.

We've got three of Brandon's zines for you, all at $1 off! 

You get:
The Magic Sword- Perfect for anyone who's ever butted heads with a dungeon master or pawnshop owner, or wondered if the adventuring life is for them.

The Werewolf Expert- What do YOU know about werewolves? If a customer came running in asking you everything you know, would you be able to help them?

True Cat Confessions- This short (and highly relatable) comic depicts a notable day in the life of a normal cat and their quest to find a place to poop.