A white zine with an illustration of a yellow flower with a green stem and leaves

Herbal First Aid: Assembling a Natural First Aid Kit

by Raleigh Briggs Author

A guide to using plants in your environment for their medicinal properties! A whole host of tips and tricks for tending to your bumps and bruises and keeping yourself healthy. Health care and medical doctors are getting more and more useless, but there's a lot of stuff you don't need them for, and being able to tend to your health in small ways is a key adulting skill. Cute illustrations from Giovanni Caputo and a generally fun vibe and feel! Includes healing cuts and scrapes, burns, rashes, sunburns, building a first aid kit, gut problems, aches & pains, bugs, bruises, bleeding, parasites, and a list of further reading resources. 


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Comments & Reviews


Seems like a solid little guide.

What just blew my mind was finding this zine again as a 30yo because of my interest in the Practical Withes Almanac, when I *still have* my coarsely photocopied copy I got from my local Infoshop in high school. This website is even listed inside. I can't say I've done more than skim through most of this many years ago, but apparently I knew that at some point I'd be more practically interested in this kind of thing. I've already got seed packs for a lot of the listed plants, because I've gone hard on gardening this past year and am going to implement a tea garden next season. Just.... the world is small. Or, I already knew aspects of who I was in high school and it's just taken over a decade to fully embrace them.


Very good for people really new to herbal medicine.