a vintage line drawing of a backyard farm

$20 Superpack: Summertime DIY

by Raleigh Briggs Author, Bert Davis Author, Holly Davis Author, Matte Resist Author, Erik Spellmeyer Author and Super Pack! Author

Stay busy and happy this summer with these four DIY guides to stuff you can do outdoors, or with the windows open.

How and Why is a full-on backyard lifestyle manual, from making rainbarrels and bike trailers out of scrap to growing food to schoolin' your kids to making your own cookie tin banjo (sorry, we can't teach you to play it).

Make It Last is a guide to everything from fixing your clothes and plumbing to preserving your food and money.

Brew it Yourself shows you how to brew your own beer that tastes like Ninkasi, not Coors.

Dwelling Portably 2009-2015 compiles tips for living through rough times with aplomb, whether you've got a yard—or a house—or not.