How and Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

How and Why: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

by Matte Resist Author

“I dream of a better world,” writes zinester and How and Why author Matte Resist in the intro to his new book. He continues, “To me DIY culture is about grabbing a little piece of that dream.” What follows over the course of the next 176 pages is Matte doing what all dreamers must do—waking up from his dream, opening his eyes, and confronting what roadblocks and hurdles lie between him and his goal. Matte does this by laying down chapter upon chapter of blueprints for a better world. An all-grown-up sequel to our do-it-yourself handbook Making Stuff and Doing Things, How and Why gives us detailed, engaging, easy-to-use info on bicycles, home and garage, gardening, homeschooling your children, musical instruments, and the all-inclusive “everything else” section. If you dream of taking back your life and building a better world in your own backyard, How and Why might be your new best friend.

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Comments & Reviews


The best how to book for any punk or civilian looking to achieve a little more self-sufficiency.


Takes the realm of DIY guides to the next level and makes those other DIY guides seem like kid's stuff.


Excellent DIY book, with a bunch of worthwhile projects. Most of the projects are in-depth and require some work, but it's worthwhile (there's already a ton of books and zines out there for simple DIY). It makes a good companion piece to "Making Stuff and Doing Things" and inspired me to make to start working on my cookie tin banjo. Highly recommended.


In this Boy Scouts Guide for the Pending Apocalypse, Matte Resist penned one of the most fascinating and riveting how-to books I've ever read. Many punks and radicals preach a live-off-the-grid rant, but Matte shows how a family can make use of common items and opportunities to have a cheap, full and happy life. This book stands above piles of how-to drivel because of Matte's explanation of not just how, but why we should ride bikes, build musical instruments, and plant gardens. He's not raising a middle finger to the status quo; he's too busy with hammer and wrench in hand.