a caucasian hand holds a bundle of carrots with the dirt still on them

$25 Superpack: Survive the Apocalypse!

by CrimethInc Author, Jenny Forrester Author, Ariel Gore Author, Matte Resist Author, Super Pack! Author and Robert Wildwood Author

Earthquake, epidemic, zombies, societal collapse... anyone who makes it through alive is going to need some serious skills—and inspiration. Why not start right now, before things go too far down the tubes, with How and Why's careful, encouraging tutorials for homemade backyard rain barrels, bike trailers, seed saving, musical instruments, and more. In between projects, get a feel for what other people are thinking, doing, and letting go of in Ariel Gore and Jenny Forrester's The People's Apocalypse. For other essential skills you may need later, we've included Unsinkable, a guide to building boats out of scrap, A Guide to Picking Locks #2 for tips on getting into (and out of) locked places, and the all-important Primitive Toothcare guide.