Firewood: Build Your Cabin in the Woods

Firewood: Build Your Cabin in the Woods

by Sine Firewood Author

Reading about "building your own house, growing your own food, making your own music, art culture, life" will make you feel ready to join the revolution before you even get past the intro. Firewood isn't just about talk though. Sine offers serious real-life help in here. There is a large article on how to build your own cabin. With information on how to physically do it, even all by yourself, there is also help on salvaging materials, obtaining cheap materials and building houses of wood, straw-bale, cob, Tipis and Gers. Also, you can read about growing your own Anarchist Victory Garden and get a little lesson on Land Ownership in Scotland. In general, a really inspiring and helpful zine.

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In general this was a quick and fun read. It offers quite a bit of info on how to build/live independently. I'd like to see this expanded to be more specific. Guess we'll have to wait for #2


People being displaced by sheep. Shipped from knoydart in Scotland to Nova Scotia. They were my great grandfathers/mothers. Strange finding that link in this zine. Guess it means i should read more of them.