Fireweed zine cover, issue one

Fireweed #1: A Zine of Grassroots Radical Herbalism and Wild Foods Connecting With Kids and Family Life

by Jess Krueger Author

Fireweed, as the full title implies, is all about introducing your kids to plants. It's about teaching young children the joy of gathering edibles, and making them into candies, teas, jellies, or even medicines. There's tips for going on plant walks, and suggestions for good introductory plants like ginger, mint, and marshmallow. There are recipes for prickly pear crisp, catnip tea, and simple fermented herbal infusions. The authors conduct a couple interviews with parents about their experiences sharing plants with their children. This zine is really inspiring.  

Comments & Reviews


Super varied in type of content, with herbal parent interviews, stories, recipes, plant descriptions and drawings, and even a poem or two I think. This mix of things is very well done, and the whole thing is really useful and fun to read. I loved that they included tips on how to introduce herbalism to your whole community/neighborhood, and not just your kids (since I don't have any yet--still way too young!).


i loved reading this zine and it will make a great addition to my library to use later as reference.. this is really well put together and contains so many fun activities and stories. looking forward to reading the 2nd once its back in stock