Resist #48

Resist #48: Minneapolis from the Saddle - A Winter Cycling Journal

by Matte Resist Author

Anyone who's ever visited the Twin Cities in the winter knows that what people mean by 'cold' just about everywhere else in the lower 48 doesn't begin to touch the kind of frostiness you can experience in Minneapolis and St. Paul. When the Manitoba Clipper blows down out of the Great White North and gusts down over the Mississippi and between the tall buildings, and the thermometer taps out at -30, that's when you know it's a Minnesota winter. In this zine from Mat Resist, a dedicated Twin City cyclist, follow along as he documents his valiant attempts to continue riding his bike all winter long. From quick DIY fixes to keep his ankles, face, or fingers from freezing and his chain from jumping off, to solutions to mitigating the 'eyecicles' that inevitably build up on your face as the moisture from your breath freezes almost instantly, any dedicated cyclist who has tried to ride in the winter will understand the challenges documented here. With anecdotes galore and pictures of Mat's bike buried in snow, this journal will be a fun read for any dedicated cyclist, and any fair-weather cyclists looking for tips on how to ride in more adverse conditions.