a man's face ripped in half (through collage) with the same face in the middle, so it appears fragmented and distorted, or as though the outer shell of the face were cracking open to reveal the true face beneath

Resist #50

by Matte Resist Author

In this fiftieth issue of Resist, Mat has compiled stories, recipes, DIY instructions, and reminiscences into one volume that fans of Resist will enjoy as much as ever. From troubleshooting the best ways to raise chickens and grow squash (hint: don't crowd the squash and make sure there's a door on your chicken coop!), to trying to make money doing what you love (it's not that easy), to a harrowing encounter (retold in the light of George Floyd's murder) with the notoriously racist, violent, and unaccountable Minneapolis cops, to bike and motorcycle adventures in New Orleans, South Dakota and places in between, Resist #50 is just as jam-packed with content as always. Made during the height of the pandemic, it's full of projects for you to try if you're stuck at home, from chicken coop construction, to gardening, to banjo and guitar building.