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$20 Superpack: Rebel Alliance

by Dawson Barrett Author, Joe Biel Author, Elly Blue Author, John Gerlach Author, Dan Méndez Moore Author, Mia Partlow Author, Nate Powell Author, Super Pack! Author and Raffaella Tolicetti Author

Want to join the Rebel Alliance? Congratulations, you're already on the team. These books will help get you primed for the fight ahead.

  • Start with Six Days in Cincinnati for an at once uplifting and cautionary history of a citywide protest by Dan Méndez Moore
  • Learn about how the government works to dismantle movements (with varying success) in Partlow & Hoerger's Edible Secrets (with illustrations by Nate Powell)
  • Get stoked about a wide array of successful social movements led by high schoolers in Dawson Barrett's Teenage Rebels
  • Gain some practical activist skills, lore, and recipes from the Sea Shepherds in Raffaella Tolicetti's Think! Eat! Act!
  • Along with bicycling know-how, Elly Blue's Everyday Bicycling shows you how to create your own social movement and lead protest rides
  • And Joe Biel's zine Bipedal, Bipedal #3 gives you the history of one such successful bicycle movement
  • J. Gerlach's Simple History zine about fighting fascism in The Spanish Civil War

These 7 books and zines are deeply discounted because we know you need your revolutionary tools now, not later after your world and economy have stabilized.