a woman works a lathe in WW2

$20 Superpack: DisMANtle the Patriarchy

by Joe Biel Author, Elly Blue Author and Super Pack! Author

The first step to dismantling the patriarchy is understanding how it works in our everyday lives. Manspressions by Joe Biel and Elly Blue is your guide to a wide range of the micro and macro aggressions that make up the machinery of injustice and hurt all of us (bonus: it'll make you laugh). Let the anthology Elly edited, Bikes in Space, inspire you to imagine a different kind of future and envision a way out of today's narrow political limits. Speaking of breaking out of the constraints of local politics, What the Ladies Have to Say collects interviews with inspiring activists around the world who are successfully working to change policies and narratives. Speak Out! is a zine about gendered violence and provides an essential tool for analyzing structural inequality. And finally, Menstruation Sensation deconstructs that tool of the patriarchy that hits a little too close to home—disposable menstrual products.

AAAAAAND as if that's not enough, we'll throw in a Feminist Solidarity Fist sticker!