Decolonize Yourself Superpack

$25 Superpack: Unlearn Colonial Histories

by Sascha Altman DuBrul Author, John Gerlach Author, Anne Elizabeth Moore Author, Justseeds Author and Super Pack! Author

How can we decolonize the world when colonialist attitudes of self and other are so deeply embedded in our psyches? Open up your brain with these books that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about history, subjectivity, and privilege.

Brace yourself for the chilling history of The Congo, one of the worst nightmares of the European colonial era. A more hopeful story can be found in New Girl Law, in which a group of college students in post-Khmer Cambodia literally rewrite the rules for feminine behavior. Maps to the Other Side is a story about madness as a superpower for surviving, critiquing, and changing an insane world. And once you've filled your brain with these stories, find your new heroes in Firebrandsthe Justseeds Artists' Cooperative's gorgeous book full of drawings and biographies of thinkers and leaders who have changed history without making it into most high school textbooks.