ADAPT Poster

ADAPT Poster

by anonymous Author and Justseeds Author

Since the early 1980s, ADAPT has been a national network of activists with disabilities that employs nonviolent civil disobedience to demand change in policies that exclude people with disabilities from American society. After winning the "right to ride" - a national struggle for accessible public transportation - ADAPT is now fighting policies which lock people with disabilities away in nursing homes and other institutions. ADAPT members have helped thousands of people with disabilities get out of institutions to live autonomously in their own homes and communities.

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My husband is in Adapt and he has it at the office in Philly. We have one at home. It's a goodie.


I was having a very crapish day but when i saw this it just cheered me up.


An ADAPT, maybe there is hope that all the disability activist punk stuff i have/created. dunno if adapt even knows about this is soooooooo cool!!!