Light a Fire super pack

$20 Superpack: Light a Fire!

by Dawson Barrett Author, John Gerlach Author, Justseeds Author and Super Pack! Author

Celebrate whatever independence you've got by reading some books that'll set off mental fireworks and get you moving and scheming all summer long. 

Firebrands sports a matchbook on the cover; inside are profiles of people who have sparked revolutionary movements throughout the history of the Americas. Gorgeous illustrations by the Justseeds artist collective are paired with short, smart, and inspiring descriptions that will whet your appetite for more.

Teenage Rebels continues the tradition of brief descriptions and compelling art, this time profiling high school activists whose names aren't internationally known but who fought for their rights and those of others...and won...and remind us that we can, too.

Finally, round your reading out with a slightly (but not much!) longer history, the Simple History Series' explanation of the Spanish Civil War, where anarchists and leftists fought fascism and ultimately lost control of the country...but won battles along the way and ultimately motivated people around the world to realize our power to build the kind of communities we want to live in.