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The Simple History Series

by John Gerlach Author

Included in this seven-zine, 336-page, sleeve-bound boxset is Simple History author J. Gerlach's Nez Perce Indians, Hawaii (1778-1959) From Western Discovery to StatehoodThe Spanish Civil War, Crusades: Christian Attempts to Liberate the Holy Land (1095-1229), Christopher Columbus & His Expeditions to America, The Congo: A European Invention, and The Cold War! The Simple History zine series is an ongoing attempt to bring unrecognized or otherwise mis-told histories to a modern audience of all ages. By presenting its facts objectively, Simple History's goal is to share history without marring the facts by editorializing. 

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Comments & Reviews


"Reading the collection of zines in this box set one is reminded of a simple truth: despite some well intentions, like Nick Cave bellows: people are no good. And you can put a pretty bow on it and call your war a moral cause, but the underlying truth is most times it's all about greed and ego.

This collection of well-articulated summaries shed light on world events that reverberate to this day."

Jeri - Last Gasp


Like Howard Zinn broken up into bite-sized, Cliffs Notes volumes, this unbound collected series chronicles a diverse array of historical moments into easily digested. There’s ten books in all, and once you’ve finished the first issue on Columbus on your bus ride to work, there’s no getting out of this things they didn’t tell you in school history series.


"The straightforward written and hand-illustrated books break down history to understandable chunks with lots of this-so-then explanations. [...] high school and elementary school students need to get this info somewhere. These clearly explained history chunks could do the trick."



"Each edition chronicles a decisive moment or movement in world history, condensing a story to the 50-page chapbook format. These books provide an insightful and informative antidote to the bulky historical tome usually found at schools or libraries."